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I have to mention one annoying thing

Ok… so there is more than one annoying thing in this world but this just happens to be the latest. The quote that I use “And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which … Continue reading

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On Suicide Cutting and Other Things That Make People Cringe

I have often said that suicide is the point where a persons pain outweighs their ability to cope. Some of us cut ourselves for that endorphin rush that follows. The physical pain outweighs the emotional for just a while. It … Continue reading

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Suicide happens when the depression outweighs your ability to cope. How do you tell someone that you care about that you are broken? That you can never be what they want you to be because like a toddler’s toy you’ve … Continue reading

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Perfection in Madness

Have you ever seen something so horrible that at first your mind refuses to recognize that what you are staring at used to be human. A live and breathing thing with laughter, love, and hope. Your mind hesitates but it … Continue reading

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