A unique look at what wanders around in the darkness that is my mind. All of the slithering, slick things that twist and curl their way around important parts, beautiful memories. Corrupting them making them into something as dark and twisted as themselves. Making the pain seem real and the hope nothing but desperation.

The darkness caresses anything that is good and beautiful in my life, wrapping around it like a rapist. Moving against it, sliding, and slipping into the crevices. Its liquid cold pulsing, growing to fit and push against the boundaries of the memory before filling it up and stretching its walls. Soaking it in slippery black before pulling back out again leaving the beauty tainted and dripping with viscous liquid.

5 thoughts on “Downward Spiral

    1. Thank you! I get three reactions to my writing. There are people who cringe from it, people who just don’t understand it, and people who absolutely love it. Those that understand it and love it are a rare breed. Obviously you are one that understands it and I am glad you enjoyed it.

      1. The dark recesses of my mind are home to some rather serious depravity. I find your words comforting to read…

        I also think we are more ‘normal’ that those who cringe would like to think. I think for the most part people are dishonest with themselves and therefore push their judgements on those that are brave enough to be completely truthful!! I’d much rather be me at peace with my crazy…then living a lie like I used to…at least it’s honest.

      2. You are right as I said in an earlier post most people are frightened of the darkness that resides in them. I on the other hand dragged mine into the light, introduced myself and invited it to afternoon tea. Ever since then I have had a “healthy” relationship with it. I think that people who don’t at least acknowledge the darkness inside them are eventually eaten alive by it. It swallows them whole. It is a sad thing to watch.

      3. Ha!! ‘Afternoon tea’ huh…would have like to have been privy to that meeting 🙂
        I’m still in the process of acceptance myself…I know what you speak of..that feeling of being eaten alive. I’ve battled with (still am really) my inner demons…I’m not sure but I think I’m on the right path. We shall see.
        You are very wise…

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