For those of you that don’t read me often I am normally absorbed with my own insanity and literal falling to pieces.

Today I actually have a reason to scream yell rant and use strong language

My father is a World War II VET. It absolutely disgusts me that the VA is uncooperative in getting him the most basic care.

As a highly decorated officer (by that I mean two purple hearts two silver stars, and two bronze stars among others) he was disabled during WWII. This stopped him from a prominent baseball career (he was being scouted by the Yankees when patriotic duty took over and he signed at 16 with his fathers permission). It also stopped him from doing a lot of things in his life. Not that he has not lived a full one and accomplished a lot.

I am so completely dismayed, disappointed, and disgusted that the VA (veteran’s affairs) office has seen it so easy to blow my father off. I called them 18 times with no response. Finally while calling their national number I finally got in touch with a patient advocate who hopefully call me back. As I said hopefully… I can’t believe that one of their oldest veterans is treated so badly.

He needs help. His family needs help and I can’t get them to return a freaking phone call. Grrr sorry I will stop ranting now… This is how we treat our proud service members.

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