Not sure how this happens. There have been many times in writing this I have had to come out and tell you my lovely reader that I am insane. I am not sure how I got this way although I am sure I will figure it out someday. For now lets be content with just the fact that I recognize my insanity and am ok with it.

That being said – I tend to be up front and completely honest about exactly how off my rocker I am, this is a rocker with only one blade and the only way it is still up right is the fact that the blade is actually insanely sharp and has scarred its way into the wood, pushing into it allowing the planks to surround it and hold it tightly as it expands and contracts rocking gently into the groove its made. No imagery there what so ever. None I swear.

Just as I am blatantly honest about being crazy here I am the same way in the real world. I believe in warning people in advance that I am completely insane most of the time. It is unreal how many have come back to my after things went south and have said you know you’re crazy…. my response is always the same. “I told you I was crazy – more than a couple of steaks shy of a bushel (which is bad because steaks don’t come in a bushel) you didn’t believe me? Did you think I was lying about that?” Sheesh…why don’t they ever believe me when I tell them.

I once said that I felt so strongly that I wanted to be as close as possible to them. You know inside them… but that is for another post.

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