Why are you killing me? I really want to know. Since when is I love you code for I just want to use you to watch my house, dogs, my family, and oh by the way everyone hates you. It means bend you until you break into tiny glistening pieces so convoluted that they cannot be put back together again. Some of them just dust that is slipping away in the wind.

I thought you would protect me, keep me safe from harm, I thought I could bury myself inside you while you buried yourself inside me. That the connection went beyond the physical but you used my mind like you used my body raping both of them with regular frequency. I have been through true rape that did less damage than you managed just by your callousness, by not being there when I needed you most. You weren’t there to catch me when I fell and I fell so fucking hard that I shattered.

I remember you inside me, your heart beat against mine. You hold my hands in yours in a grip that would be painful had your body not been moving on mine in such a wickedly delicious way. You use my hands as leverage to create even more powerful thrusts pushing yourself into me further until it is almost too much almost unbearable. Almost… My hips arch to meet yours as my back straining to let you all the way in. Gripping and gasping as the excitement builds and coils until you explode. Looking up at you I remember seeing you shattered, blown apart, your eyes blown with lust and excitement. A shiver rocks your entire body and I feel it through mine. I am scared for a moment that the power is too much for you to handle. At that moment you are glowing and I could believe that you loved me absolutely and completely.


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