This is an open invitation to anyone who wishes to respond. Anyone floating aimlessly about the internet please take a look and give me your best guess. I implore you to help me figure this out. I don’t condemn it I just want to understand it. Ok now for the question.

Why is it that certain guys are fascinated by putting their hands in your mouth when they are fucking you from behind? I have had and have seen this in quite of places. They use your mouth like leverage pulling you back on to them. One it hurts, two I find it repulsive *note the I* This is not to say there is anything wrong with it. Some women I know find it quite enjoyable. The problem is not that I condemn it (if you’ve read anything besides this particular post you know I have stranger kinks that that) but I don’t understand it.

Is it some form of control, humiliation, or other psychological need? Or is it that it happens accidentally. I know when I am cumming I can’t be sure where my feet are much less what I am clutching in my hand. I cum particularly hard most of the time, again not a bad thing.

ok I know I said one question but my mind tends to meander when I am writing and it meandered into a darker more volatile corner of my brain. Despite popular belief cum actually does not taste bad particularly if you pay attention to your “special friend’s” diet. Yes diet can change the taste guys stay away from the dairy if you want your beneficial friend to swallow your cum.

This brings me to the question: Why on earth would you cum on a girls face rather than inside her mouth particularly if she swallows?  I know the aesthetics to it. It is a strange form of art the way each arc makes a different pattern on a man or woman’s body. Definitely fascinating once in a while but not all the time. It is not particularly pleasant to wash cum out of my hair, my ears (don’t ask), my eyes, and inside my nose (again don’t ask how it happened because I will never tell a soul about ears and noses) Besides doesn’t cumming inside feel better rather than taking matters into your own hands (yeah yeah bad pun).

Ok one more question and I promise I will stop.

Am I missing something when I assume that guys know that pornography is on video with actors and actresses? It is not real. Well the sex is real but the acting isn’t. Actually some of the sex is real while others are more acting than fucking. The positions that they occasionally put both guys and girls in to fuck are all but physically impossible to maintain for any length of time. They don’t work, hurt like hell, and girls usually don’t appreciate being put in it. I am  not talking about BDSM just vanilla sex. I am also not going to bring up the number of people who are just bad at it because it could get me into trouble.

I see this in more women then men but there is more porn featuring women than me.  part of the reason why there are a lot of fucking scenes is because most people (not all) who are in videos can’t act. Don’t get me wrong I have seen really good acting in porn and really bad acting in porn but nothing in between.

Please take the time to answer these I really don’t understand them.

On a more sober note my Stepfather and the only father I ever knew died last week. He was at home with my mother and I and he was 86 years old. He was on hospice for an extended period of time…. again a topic for another post everything is way too raw right now. I am tired and sad, and happy all rolled up into one confused package.

lonely death

6 thoughts on “Can anyone out there answer a question for me?

  1. Firstly my condolences re; your stepfather.
    Question one: I don’t know other than it could be as you said something that happens in the heat of fucking and they are not aware of it, though if it happened once I would be suggesting they refrain in future.
    Question 2: Having watched am amount of porn over he years I think the industry has has advanced this ‘custom’ as what the full blooded male ‘should do’ to demonstrate his manliness and power over the female he has just fucked. Again like you I am at a lose to explain why? I agree too that a man coming inside is a much better look because he then concentrates on his orgasm and not on where he is going to spit his cum.
    Question3: Guys and porn? I don’t think it matters to many, it’s the titillation that they want, the visual image to jack off to. Though poor actors do make you want to throw up when watching them, the same for poorly made porn, but for every person there is a different way to get off and the porn industry tries to cater for everyone.

    I am not sure any of this will answer your questions but they are interesting topics to consider.

    1. As always I appreciate your comments and am glad I am not the only one who raises an eyebrow to some of this stuff. After editing hours and hours and hours of porn into bite sized chunks you start to question your own sanity much less that of the actors, director, and writers. I have seen some really bad porn and some not so bad porn. I am all for people liking diverse things as you know I can’t speak to anyone’s choices as mine are less than conventional.

      Thank you for your answers and your condolences. My stepfather’s passing although painful was for the best. It came after a long illness where we received little or no help from those who should have cared the most… but that is a post for another time when I am a bit less angry at them.

      1. Be gentle on yourself. I lost my father last year, he was 90 years old. I understand the pain of loss.

      2. The only thing that truly bothers me is how difficult this is for my mother. She has already been through one military funeral (my father) and now she will have to attend another. Fortunately I am older than the 11 months that I was when my father died and can do a whole lot more including arrange everything. It is taking a needlessly long time because of the fire in St. Louis in 1973. His were among the thousands of records that burned. We are in a holding pattern for now I have taken care of everything else. As I said I am not as hurt as I would be if this were sudden. We knew it was coming and he lived a great life right up until the day he died.

  2. Please accept my sincerest condolences…this must be a very difficult time. I am so sorry…
    My take in your questions:
    #1. I think it’s a dominance thing based on my experience as opposed to leverage…the filling of another hole so to speak. He is using his fingers in place if his cock much the same as he would elsewhere. Because it’s ones mouth, the act is also more shocking which effectively can be used to exact further control…I could be wrong but that’s my take. I personally like it.

    #2. Cuming on one’s face is ‘dirty’. I expect that’s all it really is basically. Along with the fact that visually speaking..seeing one’s cum sprayed on someone’s face would be evidence of one’s depravity of course…I recently did the same and quite frankly it really turned me on to see his face glisten with the product of my orgasm.

    #3. I believe the majority of men simply don’t care…they don’t analyze like most of us women do. I agree with Summerstommy…it’s simply for the visual stimulation.
    I don’t profess to know a lot about it however. I haven’t really watched a lot to be honest… I prefer to watch my own…much more real 😀

    1. Thank you Alice, there are no right or wrong answers to these I am just curious about what others think. There are things that ultimately just make my raise an eyebrow and wonder why. I suspect the reasons are different for each person.

      Thank you for your condolences. It was time and be is free.

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