ImageOptimist – The glass is half full

Pessimist – The glass is half empty

Opportunist – Look there is more room for vodka

Fatalist – Your are not going to throw that glass at me are you

Absolutist – I know there is a glass and some liquid

Accompanist – The glass and the liquid go well together.

Ufologist – That liquid was brought by aliens, they want us to fill the other half of the glass

Numismatist – Let’s play quarters

Nutritionist – That’s half the daily allowance of blue liquid in the glass

Occultist – Half the liquid was sacrificed to raise a demon.

Futurist – I will drink the rest of the water in that glass at a later date

Eristist – I am going to throw that glass at you!

Absurdist – Flip the glass over and the liquid will stay in

Geneticist – I can clone that liquid and fill the glass

5 thoughts on “The Glass is Definitely….

  1. Half full?
    I can’t see any water in that glass
    a layer of dust in the bottom
    If you drank from it,
    the chips on the rim would cut your lips
    and the dirt in the crack would poison you

    1. I love the poison in the cracks. I thought about something similar. I am so glad at least one person understands it. Thanks.

      You sound a lot like me. If you were to add me to the list it would be something like – the glass is not a glass and as I put it to my lips it tries to slither away the glass slicing into my tongue causing blood to pour into my mouth.

      1. I am the negative Queen, dear. No-one is more negative than I am. However, I saw it was just a pointless thing, being like that, and I decided to be positive! So now, I am all confused….

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