10 thoughts on “Welcome to sunny Florida

    1. I normally live on the Atlantic coast but for the last year I have been stuck on the Gulf side near Tampa. Ft Lauderdale is beautiful. It is nice to see someone else who understands Florida’s wonderfully unpredictable weather.

      1. I’ve never visited the east coast… they say its nice.. You are funny saying being stuck…. as you do know it’s to get yourself unstuck… he…he…

      2. I am stuck due to familial obligations unfortunately. I could get myself unstuck but now is not the time for that. That is not to say I am not enjoying myself here… it is just not my home.

      3. Ah ah… I presume you had forgotten that most of our unstuckness gets sorted ‘in the face of our family’… So make the most of your time there… During my travels, I learned to be more of a gypsy where everywhere my feet rest is my home… Enjoy, Barbara

      4. I understand the desire to wander better than most. I have been known to disappear weeks at a time. I end up in the strangest places. Fortunately my work travels with me quite readily. It is good to meet a fellow gypsy. I am not unhappy hear but have the urge to indulge my wanderlust but cannot at the moment. You should visit the Atlantic coast it is stunning. Some parts are all termite people (condos) while others are still wild and free, deep green forest meeting stark yellow sand, and then black ocean.

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