I am not sure why I do it but I do. I can’t believe that others are not guilty of this either but maybe it is just me. 

I have an ex – don’t we all. What most people don’t have is an ex that lives in their house (not with me of course) and has since we broke up. He doesn’t work, has no money, and sleeps all day. Yeah I know I am a sucker. 

Sometimes he can actually do something that will pay me back in a small way. This weekend was one of those days. Unfortunately instead of finishing fixing my truck he is asleep. He would rather I drive at night in an untested truck on the weekend of drunks than get out of bed. He knows how important it is to me to get home and just doesn’t care. 

Sigh – I am just worthless when it comes to helping people even when they use me. I know this is my fault and I know that I am allowing him to use me, but what should I kick him out instead? Leave a man homeless just because he won’t work. 

11 thoughts on “Same Song Different Verse

  1. My Dear Friend,
    I feel your pain, and dilemma. How could I possible click the “like” button. You are not worthless. You’re just the opposite kind,caring and compassionate. Otherwise you would have booted his behind out. Have you considered expressing to him your concerns driving an unstable truck in the night hours? And when will he be able to fix your truck?
    Sending you Love & Light for strength to get you through this difficult time.
    Your Friend,

    1. If there is one thing he does well is work on cars so now it is fixed. I just wish he would get his life together. Thank you for your kind words I appreciate them. It would be a lot easier if he wasn’t a good person.

  2. Sigh….I think you know what it is you should do but because you are a decent and kind person, you can’t bring yourself to do so. You have been writing about this for a while now…things will never change unless you change them. You are not responsible for this man’s future, only your own. I still maintain I will come and gladly kick his ass…. xo

    1. Alice,
      I know you would but no ass kicking necessary yet. Hopefully he will pull together because he really isn’t a bad guy and ultimately my truck is fixed and he really is the best at what he does, if he would only just do it.

  3. Yes. Kick him out. He needs to cope for himself. He’s using you and playing on your soft heart. Get shot of him for your own sake. You are not a doormat unless you lay down and become one. Be strong for your sake. And for his. He needs someone to push him. So push him. Harsh but necessary.x

    1. Unfortunately that is far easier said than done and as much as I wish it were that easy it simply is not. After posting this we had a long talk and he is going to try. I would love to remain friends with him as he truly is a good person I think sometimes he is just lost.

  4. I believe and practice the saying… be cruel to be kind… The way I see it if you boot him out he’ll have to get a job to be able to pay rent some where and get on with his life… and you can then move on with your own life… We have all been brought up to believe we have to take care of others, but the truth is if we don’t take care of ourself we are no use to others… and as we all find out, others don’t take care of us anyway… take care Barbara

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