2 thoughts on “Care and Feeding of Your Introvert

  1. I had to smile at this. I’ve had ongoing battles with some mental health and support professionals who seem unaware that many of the things they recommend as ‘good for us’ or ‘will cheer you up’ are very much geared towards the extrovert majority and are, in fact, a nightmare for introverts. And that we introverts do not need to be ‘fixed’!!

    1. I have had many of the same struggles myself. I have even heard that because I teach there is no way I can be an introvert. If more people were to stand up and say we don’t need to be fixed the world would be a much safer place for us… but then if I could do that I wouldn’t be who I am. I have learned to just smile and ignore what they say like I am patronizing a child because no matter what it is not in them to understand what they call therapy is actually torture.

      Thank you for commenting, it is good to know that even though we prefer to be physically alone we are not alone in our thinking and experiences.

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