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I am the girl that was pretty but too smart. I am the girl that you sat and discussed horror movies, sci-fi novels, and molecular genetics with but were scared of because sometimes you saw the darkness peak out from inside me.

Wishing for Death

You have to remember that dead is better in some of these situations. You don’t understand what your depressed loved one is going though. If you did you would let them end it. I haven’t written for a long time … Continue reading

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Drunk Guys and Other Crazy Things

I just had a guy who I just met on a cruise who live a country away from me get upset because I would not have sex with him because 1 he’s drunk and 2 I don’t know him well … Continue reading

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Why I Stopped Writing

I stopped working on this blog for a very long time. Truth is my job now is to write things for others to take credit for and read. I am very fortunate to be paid to do that. I also … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Someone Who Has Depression

This guide will not work with everyone. Dealing with someone who is suffering from depression is not hard. It’s really not. It might seem like it but it really is quite simple. Here’s what you do. Step 1: STOP TRYING … Continue reading

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Sometimes Dead is Better

I am quite serious contemplating killing myself. I haven’t written in a while because I don’t seem to care about anything anymore, including writing.

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Why Do I Wake Up Like This?

I know the depression has been bad lately but… I am currently in one of the most beautiful places on the earth (or at least I think so) and I wake up sad. I wake up wanting to die or … Continue reading

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A very long story made very short…

Okay, I have to do this simply because I am extremely depressed, have no internet access here, and needed a happy goat. Mostly because happy goats make everyone feel better. So I went in search of one and this is … Continue reading

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After my last post I think everyone deserves an overly happy goat!

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Anxiety and Suicide

Yeah unoriginal title for a fairly unoriginal post.  It amazes me that there are two reactions to a famous person killing themselves. It was a tragedy and we didn’t know.  Yes, loss of a valued life is always a tragedy … Continue reading

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