Having never thought about any of the awards or other things given on different blogging websites I never expected to be nominated of one. Well of course when you don’t expect it it happens. It seems as if this is a never ending chain of get to know you letters but here goes anyway

The rules are:

1-Say 11 things about yourself.

2-Answer 11 questions that are asked by the blogger who nominated you.

3-Award 11 people, while creating 11 question

11 Things about me

1: I dislike the spotlight or any light with the intensity of an albino big foot and a nonsparkley kind of vampire (yeah remember when vampires used to be scary and seductive)

2: I am completely insane – No seriously I am.

3: I work from home because I like being in my pjs all day ok so the agoraphobia does help

4: I go out of my way to avoid being touched by 99.9% of other people – they put off a really slimy feeling when I touch them.

5: Contradictory to the no touching thing – I love sex, any kind of sex, the more violent the sex the better,

6: I don’t mind dying and wake up hoping open my eyes and see a serial killer, hell hound, or mass murderer in my bedroom – most of the time all I see is my dog pushing her nose against mine trying to tell me that it is breakfast time.

7: I believe in angels, demons, and all of the other things that go thump in the night, I just don’t think they like us very much.

8: I keep an open invitation to anyone who wants to try killing someone and not get caught. I volunteer and please if you change your mind respect the DNR

9: I would marry for money and sex but for little else

10: I am catholic and almost became a nun

11: I will try anything and would sell my life or my soul for someone else’s happiness


1. Favourite Movie? – Tie between Event Horizon and In the Mouth of Madness

2 Favourite Song? – Changes with my mood so you could say I really don’t have one – the latest is Monster by Skillet

3. Favourite Food? – Sushi (not the sushi with the fake Krab in it – true sushi)

4. If you could go back in time, where and when? – my birth, conception, or my father’s death all to prevent my life from happening

5. Your best moment in life? The day my sister got married to someone she loved

6. Your worst moment in life? The day that the only person I have ever loved died

7  What is your favou7ite number? – 3.154

8. Do you like to play subtle mind games on people for fun? Yes more often than not it is called manipulation

9. What do you enjoying doing the most? Watch the blood slide smoothly down my arm knowing if I just went a little deeper it would kill me.

10. What is your favourite TV Show. Don’t have a TV

11. If you could be alone on a Desert Island with ANY person, who would it be? A cannibal, serial killer, or really easy to kill and eat person.

my 11 Nominations:




1 If you got to choose your killer who would it be? explain

2 Do you believe in love?

3 Can you live without coffee, tea, (add caffeinated  beverage of your choice)

4 Do you believe in monogamy? explain

5 Have you ever wanted kinky sex and not known how to ask for it?

6 What do you really think of mental illness?

7 If it came down to eating a person and starving to death what would you do?

8 Could you kill some one, would you enjoy it, how would you do it?

9 Do you believe in angels, demons, and other preternatural creepies?

10 If you could be anyone famous who would it be?

11 Would you rather see an angel acting as gods vengeance or a demon being itself



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