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Why I Stopped Writing

I stopped working on this blog for a very long time. Truth is my job now is to write things for others to take credit for and read. I am very fortunate to be paid to do that. I also … Continue reading

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How To Deal With Someone Who Has Depression

This guide will not work with everyone. Dealing with someone who is suffering from depression is not hard. It’s really not. It might seem like it but it really is quite simple. Here’s what you do. Step 1: STOP TRYING … Continue reading

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After my last post I think everyone deserves an overly happy goat!

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I thought everyone could use some baby platypi today.

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Same Song Different Verse

I am not sure why I do it but I do. I can’t believe that others are not guilty of this either but maybe it is just me.  I have an ex – don’t we all. What most people don’t … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

I saw this and realized that no one will ever respond to me like this. It is still a beautiful story. For those who don’t know she is talking about Peter Pan at Disney.  

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Dancing in the Rain

It is nights like these when thunder is rippling across the sky that I want to go outside and dance naked in the rain. The pounding water creates a beautiful deadly rhythm. I sit inside and long to feel it … Continue reading

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Utterly Fucking Random – Take a look Maybe it will cheer you up!


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Ridiculously Attractive

Has anyone else noticed that 98% of the cast of Supernatural the tv series is ridiculously attractive?

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Welcome to sunny Florida

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