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On the Edge

As I curl in my living prison watching the leaves that shielded me all day I realize that it is happening again. The reason why I live my life in this desolate land of twisted images and all things sharp … Continue reading

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Subtle Kind of Crazy

Some days I am reminded that I am still crazy. Not the subtle kind of crazy that most people are but the screaming kind of crazy that most people run away from or are locked up for. In a way … Continue reading

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Punctuation Kills!!

Take this phrase, I often used it with my students when I was a teacher. “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma” Two totally different meanings and a tiny thing like a comma makes so much of a difference. If … Continue reading

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On Suicide Cutting and Other Things That Make People Cringe

I have often said that suicide is the point where a persons pain outweighs their ability to cope. Some of us cut ourselves for that endorphin rush that follows. The physical pain outweighs the emotional for just a while. It … Continue reading

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