Kink Tolerance

This is not going to be the post that I set out for it to be. Mostly because I’ve noticed something about the kink community lately. This could just be my experience but I’ve noticed a lot of kink intolerance. Now I didn’t consider myself kinky until I started talking about fetishes, kink, and other fun things. Turns out I am definitely not the norm, not that I’ve ever been what you would call normal.

Within the fetish community, there are a vast variety of people with an even more vast variety of likes and dislikes. Since they are all into interesting sexual practices, you would think they would be tolerant of each other.


The truth is many who have a specific kick such as rope bondage may actually shame (kink shaming is a big no no for me) someone who likes metal bondage or device bondage. Or when someone likes golden showers they might shame someone whose kink is feet. When I realized this I pretty much figured out that people will shame each other for just about anything.

This somehow shocks me. It is absolutely amazing that the kinky population would do this. Here’s a hint to all of the kink shamers out there. Guess what, almost everyone has some kind of kink, something they enjoy that is not vanilla. Learn to live with it.

The Chore Game Dice Game

As noted in an earlier post, chores are a pain and not the good kind. This game is suitable for both vanilla and BDSM couples. Vanillas just take out the more umm intense portions of the game and substitute them for an alternative that you are comfortable with. Remember all activities should be safe, sane, consensual and fully discussed ahead of time.


  • A messy house, laundry, cooking, or other boring chore.
  • Yourself and a partner
  • One or two die – dice can be 3 to 10 sided depending on how many activities or objects you want to involve.
  • A list of activities
  • A few fun ordinary foods or objects that you want to play with (See Below)
  • A timer
  • Condoms for objects that you don’t want to get dirty (Suggested for items that you do not only use for play)


The rules of the game are fairly simple.

Keep it safe

If you don’t comply he or she should have a handy list of punishments for BDSM couples. Don’t worry a spanking will do in a pinch.

For vanilla couples make a bet with something that you ordinarily don’t like to do such as cook dinner or do the dishes if you don’t comply.


  1. Select objects or foods that are insertable or otherwise make good toys (see perveratables)
  2. and/or
  3. Write a numbered list of activities such as cunnilingus, fellatio, insertion, masturbation, spanking, sex, or any other fun sexy activity you can think of.
  4. Choose who will pick out the activity or object (usually the dominant but it can be fun to have your sub pick out their own)
  5. Choose a time limit for each activity. My suggestion is around 2 to 5 minutes but it can be longer or shorter depending on the activity.
  6. While your sub is working on the given chore, interrupt them at regular intervals but rolling the dice and choosing an object or activity.


For this example, I am going to use sweeping and mopping the floor (a chore which I personally hate and can be so much more fun when the threat (eh-hem promise) of interruption is imminent.

We laid objects such as wooden spoons, spatulas, phallic-shaped fruits or vegetables. For example we had:

  1. Carrot
  2. Cucumber
  3. Spatula
  4. Whisk
  5. Banana
  6. Wooden spoon

We agreed ahead of time that the time would be two minutes and I would have to masturbate with the object that the dice roll indicated in the position that he wanted.

When the roll was a 5 a condom went on an ordinary banana and he asked me to masturbate with it while seated in a chair for two minutes. Then go back to sweeping and mopping until the next interruption.

If you do this with an activity he or she can just ask you to bend over a chair or other object and fuck you for 2 minutes or play with your body for 2 minutes.