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Daemonum vel angelorum videbo interficere

Deo placere percusserit me. Tolle quaeso mihi in amplexus tuos æternam. Adiuva me, etiam si mortuus est, ut moriatur ibi conjunctio lucifer. Vociferabor ad te opem. Non ego sum​​, da mihi amet sit. Eorum claritatem in videam bonum et malum … Continue reading

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Has to be said

I openly welcome any comments and often retrieve some of them from spam because that is where some legit comments end up. It may take a few days but I also approve all comments except for those that are obviously … Continue reading

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The Monster Inside Me

The monster inside me growls twisting its body right behind my eyes. I can feel it slither turning circles. Its body sliding sharp scales against my brain leaving lacerations that not even I can understand the implications of. I hear … Continue reading

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