Male Masturbation

If the dom is male then and the sub is female, the dom can tell the sub to purchase, make, and use the items on him. This can be fun, exciting, or used as a punishment or humiliation exercise.

If the dom is female and the sub is male, the dom can either use these for a reward or humiliation.

The key here is to use A LOT of lubricant and make absolutely sure there are no rough edges.

These also can be used if you are apart frequently.

  • Wrap a pearl necklace around his penis and then use your hand to masturbate him.
  • Use a lubricated glove or plastic bag on him.
  • Banana masturbation device – cut an end off, take the fruit out and pour lubricant into the peel.
  • PVC pipe – purchase PVC that is above the size of his penis, make sure there are no sharp edges and use it.
  • Cup and sponges – if you like a little roughness, just remember to wet the sponges with either warm or cold water.
  • Cup and bubble wrap – line a cup or cut off water bottle (remember no sharp edges) with bubble wrap and lubricant.

There are more, and if you have any others feel free to comment them below. Also, remember anything that you put a penis into needs to be big enough not to get stuck. Keep in mind penises swell quite a bit. It is unpleasant to have to go to the hospital to remove something. Keep in mind NO SHARP EDGES AND LOTS OF LUBRICANT.