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Yet Another Holiday – Happy Ishtar Everyone… or is it Easter – No I don’t mean the bad movie

No I didn’t spell that wrong. It is pronounced Easter and is the name of a guess what… Pagan Goddess. Now I thought valentines day was bad with the strange origins but Ishtar is the goddess of love and war … Continue reading

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What I want

I make it no secret that I will eventually die either by a situation I have put myself in or by my own hand. I do not want anyone to misunderstand this fact. It is not that I dislike life … Continue reading

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Daylight and Mourning

I watch the horizon carefully waiting for what I dread is coming. I can almost see the crystalline shine on the glimmering black sand. Just as when the green and blue moons recede pulling their lovely soft colour from the shimmering … Continue reading

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One Free Murder

Not that any of them really are but this particular one is not for the kiddies. If you are under 18 please find something more suited towards your needs to read. Parental discretion definitely advised. If your child is reading this unattended … Continue reading

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Would I feel lonely if the voices in my head stopped talking to me?

No for those who wonder I do not hear voices… well sometimes I do but I don’t believe what they tell me… ok so sometimes I believe them but never act on them… oh hell I do often act on … Continue reading

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Things That Most Definitely Suck.

Ok. Tonight I have the perfect chance to do what I want, to play how I want and quite possibly to get the dual sided affection I crave. Am I going to do it. No. Despite my desperation and absolute … Continue reading

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And now they can never get the timing just right. When they join together it forms a grotesque shape, all edges too sharp and dips and valleys too soft. There no sound other that a quiet gasping, because someone has … Continue reading

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Punctuation Kills!!

Take this phrase, I often used it with my students when I was a teacher. “Let’s eat, Grandma” and “Let’s eat Grandma” Two totally different meanings and a tiny thing like a comma makes so much of a difference. If … Continue reading

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The Monster Inside Me

The monster inside me growls twisting its body right behind my eyes. I can feel it slither turning circles. Its body sliding sharp scales against my brain leaving lacerations that not even I can understand the implications of. I hear … Continue reading

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I have to mention one annoying thing

Ok… so there is more than one annoying thing in this world but this just happens to be the latest. The quote that I use “And I find it kind of funny I find it kind of sad The dreams in which … Continue reading

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